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Bag manufacture is at the core of what Cora + Spink does – think of us as makers of backpacks. Our facilities in England and India, including our work with the Khadi Board of West Bengal mean that our focus is always how to make the best backpacks and bags. It’s a simple mantra, but we believe the beginnings of something good start with the people who make the backpacks. Our factory in Kolkata is now Sedex, and ISO approved – but more importantly we visit in person, to watch, help and work!


Backpack manufacture

How to carry a laptop to work

Rivets at points of stress

What do we carry? When we design a new bag, (we’ve just completed the 2016 range) we have to think about certain things. Obvious things one might say – such as, what is this bag going to be for, where will it be used and then, what will it be used to carry. For me, it’s […]

Watch video of our mens bags

bishop bag on thanks giving in california

It’s Always Fun… to be filmed I’ve been playing around with our instagram account for the last 2 months, and not only engaging with many really interesting and exciting people. But also sharing ideas and content with a totally new audience. Before getting an android phone I never really saw the point of Instagram – […]

Working with Leather

Deep metallic grey custom electro plated, custom cast rivets

I like to watch things being made, no more so that when it’s our bags. When we make bags we have a concept, a design, then we work on making a sample. The sample is worked on here in the UK in our sample studio – we have a range of materials and leathers to hand, […]

Types of leather

Types of leather, where we use them & perhaps why. We use leather on most of our bags. We like leather, how it looks, feels, how it ages and develops. It sits perfectly next to our waxed cotton that also ages and grows with you, it’s strong and a versatile material to use. But that’s […]

Waxed Cotton Canvas

Cotton Canvas – Making cloth I do love requesting things, and I love being vague doing so. So when my inbox pings with a new video straight from the factory I never really know what to expect. Last year when the concept of developing a full range of mens bags came about, it was crack of […]